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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oracle Goldengate 11g Initial Load Using Direct Load Method.

This article focuses on initial synchronization of source and
target databases by using Golden Gate initial direct load method for the
purpose of zero downtime DML replication.


1) Target Tables should be empty. Otherwise you can get duplicate row errors.
2) Disable Foreign Key and Check Constraints. They can be enabled later on
   when the initial load is complete.
3) (Optional) Remove indexes from target tables as they may slow down the
   initial loading process.
4) To use handlecollisions function, each target table must have a
   primary or unique key. If that's not possible use the KEYCOLS 
   option of the TABLE and MAP parameters. Even if that is not possible
   then quiesce your database for the duration of intial load.


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Delete or Remove Extract & Replicat Processes (Golden Gate 11g).

1)Stop extract/replicat.

kill extract group_name
kill replicat group_name

2)Delete extracat / replicat.

delete extract group_name
delete replicat group_name

3) Cleanup. 

cleanup extract group_name
cleanup replicat group_name